Vision for Leadership

As I’ve written before, our student leadership opportunities were completely dissolved and I’m in the process of praying about how to continue. I have read lots of books, listened to countless podcasts, researched other conferences, and spoken with leaders within our own context.

While I do not feel confident in deciding on the next leadership structure, I do feel like a vision is coming into place and I’m ready to start talking about it publicly. I’ll be sharing more information at the Mid-Winter Retreat Planning Meetings on Saturday and am really looking forward to more feedback from youth and adult leaders.

This structure relies on the idea that students have gifts and passions to share in tangible ways. It provides a space for those young people who want to be involved in specific ways for a season or longer. There is a place for spiritual formation and growing deeper in our faith as well as visioning and planning for the future. This structure is unique because it has three levels of leadership – the top being the most dedicated and committed 12 or so students who receive regular leadership training. The next level of leaders share in spiritual formation development, worship, and event planning. Finally, there is a place for everyone to get involved while using their special skills to make planning easier in an organic way.


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