Confusing acronyms explained!

Part of being United Methodist, it seems, means deciphering confusing acronyms. Youth Group is called U.M.Y.F. or F.U.S.I.O.N. or F.R.O.G. Insiders completely understand that UMYF stands for United Methodist Youth Fellowship and really just means youth group.

Around the CTC (Central Texas Conference…of the United Methodist Church!) we have our own acronyms that can often be confusing. In August we dissolved the SLT (Student Leadership Team) and in January we are rebuilding this team and calling it CCYM (Conference Council on Youth Ministries). This is the title given to student leaders at the conference level given by the BOD (Book of Discipline).

As if all of that weren’t confusing enough, CCYM and CTCYM are very similar in name, but very different in practice. CCYM is the Conference Council on Youth Ministries and is the student leadership team for the Conference. Student leaders must fill out an application and submit it completed by January 6th in order to be considered for the leadership positions available. A version of the leadership structure is available here. CCYM leaders and team members help plan, vision, and execute events, gain leadership experience, and are empowered to serve in their local church, districts, communities, and the world by using their gifts and skills. Adult leaders are needed from each district to empower students to discover and use their gifts for the glory of God. CCYM falls under the direction of Leanne Johnston.

CTCYM stands for Central Texas Conference Youth in Mission.  CTCYM is a mission experience for youth and adults around our conference. Each summer more than 2,500 youth and adults join together to repair and rebuild homes and small facilities weathered by age, poverty or natural disaster. CTCYM Group Registration needs to be postmarked by Dec. 29th to take advantage of $100 per trip fee. After that, the fee is $150 per trip, and Group Registration closes Jan. 12, 2012. INDIVIDUAL registration begins Jan. 15, 2012. There is no other deadline until March 8, 2012, which is the deadline to get the Early Bird Rate for Sr. High and Combo. The Senior High and Combination (Jr. and Sr. High) trip is June 10-16, 2012 and the Junior High trip is July 15-20, 2012. CTCYM comes under the umbrella of the Center for Mission Support and the incredible leadership of MaDora Ratliff and Rev. Kyland Dobbins.

Whew! Hopefully that explains this a little bit. If you have any questions about CCYM or CTCYM, please feel free to contact Leanne, MaDora, or Kyland.

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