Real & Relevant Retreat – POSTPONED!

Due to low registration numbers, we are postponing this retreat. More information about a future date will be available soon.


Are you a young woman between the ages of 18-24 or do you know someone who is? This retreat is exclusively for young women looking for identity in Christ. We will be focusing on Real and Relevant ways to practice our faith and grow spiritually.  We will have a speaker, Liz Mitchell, for our first session.

Elizabeth Mitchell is a mother-to-be living in the Waco area with her husband Brian.  Elizabeth’s life forever changed on the Liznight of August 17, 2012, when she suffered a devastating fall that left her paralyzed from the chest down.  From that day forward she would gain a deeper understanding in God’s purpose for her life.  Elizabeth served as an Assistant District Attorney with Dallas County for eight years.  Working hard she had climbed the ranks to become a felony prosecutor specializing in
crimes against young women.  From an outsiders perspective Elizabeth seemed to have it all, but internally she faced many struggles.  Body image, relationships, alcohol- all idols that she held up as more important than anything in her life.  Often feeling that physical appearance determined her self worth, she struggled to find meaning in her life. All of that drastically changed when Elizabeth woke from coma to find herself trapped in a body that no longer functioned.  Elizabeth’s story is one of hope, faith, and determination. Refusing to accept her initial diagnosis, Elizabeth endured grueling rehabilitation to help regain her ability to walk. Over the next two years God performed the miracle of restoring her physically.  This blessing was something people could watch transpire before their eyes but the bigger miracle was the way in which God turned the curse of breaking her neck into the biggest blessing of her life. She now is a woman deep in faith that recognizes the “real” beauty of life.  Her story is one that inspires others, delivers a message of hope, and helps us all recognize that which truly defines who we are.

Our other sessions will be led by passionate women from the Central Texas Conference.

  • Who: Young women between the ages of 18-28
  • What: A weekend of focusing on real and relevant ways to practice faith
  • Where: Still Water Lodge in Glen Rose
  • When: July 25 at 5:30-6:30pm-July 26th at 2:30pm

Details: Breakout sessions will include: Spiritual Growth, Finances, Relationships, and Social Action. The cost for the retreat is $75 (if paid before June 25!) and scholarships are available. Reserve your spot today!

 Download and print our publicity flyer!

This retreat is being co-sponsored by the CTCUMW and the CTC Young People’s Ministry.

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