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revGo is an effort by United Methodist agencies like YPM(GBOD), Project Transformation, General Board of Global Ministries, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry and others to build a “kickstarter-style” site for young adults in UM-related mission and ministry engagements.  We’re starting our launch now and would be happy to have you help us find Partner Organizations that could benefit from this tool.

revGO is designed as a platform for young adults to crowdfund sustainable support for their missional work.  So if you have a Summer internship program, a student ministry staff, a spiritual discernment cohort, etc – then you could create a profile and start encouraging your young adults to creat revGO projects to raise support.

revGO will become a first stop for young adults searching for the best missional and gap-year programs that the UMC has to offer, and that means getting lots of great partners on board from the begging.

So below are instructions if you think you have a program that could use revGO.


1)  Go to

2)  Do NOT click “Sign Up” in the top right (that will be for young adults and donors)

3)  DO scroll to the bottom of the page and click “SIGN UP TO BECOME A PARTNER”

4)  Fill in the initial “Organization Information” and click NEXT

5)  On the Partner Dashboard you can edit your info, upload a logo, choose payment options, and set up positions available

6)  Watch this screencast for a walkthrough of the signup process –

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