Important CTCYM information

A message from MaDora Ratliff:

We are so excited to be preparing for this summer’s JOURNEY, the mission trip to Oklahoma and communities in the Central Texas Conference! Thank you for being part of this vital ministry! Here are a few updates:

Registration Deadlines

June Senior High trip and June Combo trip, June 16th-22nd. The final registration deadline is May 17th… that is only 2 weeks away! Please know that Center Directors must have their rosters as soon as possible, so it will not be possible for you to add people after that date. Also, anyone who needs to cancel their trip must do so before May 17th. No additions or refunds can be allowed after that date.

July Junior High and July Combo trip, July 14th-19th. The current “On Time” rate of $210 will expire on May 3rd! After that date, the rate will be subject to a late fee, making the total amount due $225 per person. Registration closes on June 14th.  No additions or refunds can be allowed after that date.

** Please note that ANYONE attending CTCYM must register, including leadership, musicians, additional kitchen help, administrative assistance, etc.

Credit Card Balances

At the time of registration, participants were given the option to pay their $100 deposit online, with the understanding the balance would be drafted from the same credit card on April 25th. That date was then extended to May 3rd. Auto-drafts for the balances will occur this Friday, May 3rd.

Medical & Liability Release Forms

Please be collecting the Medical & Liability Release Forms from all of your participants, along with a copy of their medical insurance card. Your Center Director will need an electronic copy emailed to him/her as soon as possible, and the originals brought with you on the trip. Remember to save copies for yourself!

Every participant attending CTCYM must have this (notarized) form turned in. This applies to youth, adults, musicians, junior leadership, etc.  ANYONE staying in a CTCYM living center must have read and agreed to the Covenant, and signed the release form.


Remember to continually refer to your Group Leader Manual for guidance in preparing for the mission trip. Don’t forget there is a timeline contained in the manual which gives you an idea of what needs to be happening, and when.

If you email or call me, and I am not able to respond to you immediately, I beg your forgiveness and ask for your patience. I am the only Admin person here, and it is very, very busy right now! I will do my best to get to you as soon as I can. I would be grateful if the same grace can be extended to Kyland as well, as he is the Coordinator of the Mission Experience for the conference, and submerged in disaster recovery for West.

Lastly, prayers for our brothers and sisters in the community of West are so needed… this prayer should include anyone involved in aid and recovery as well as the residents directly affected. We ask God’s blessings on them all!