Resources for Ministry

Having flat screen TVs, video games, and a state-of-the-art sound system does not make disciples of Jesus Christ. However, resources are very helpful to assist and make like easier. This week I was at a conference in California with other Youth and Young Adult workers at the conference level. We shared some incredible ideas and I learned about some new resources that people are using. Here is a short list:

Mail Chimp – I already knew about this, but wanted to share. is a fantastic and free website that creates a newsletter. You can manage contacts, develop a template, and check statistics. – We are divided as a conference but technology can help unite us. creates an 800 number that people can call to conference together. We are looking at using this service to provide conference call trainings, but I know it would be helpful at the district level as well!

TodaysMeet – A free chat-room service that allows participants to be in conversation in the background. For example, students can chat while you speak. Volunteers can moderate, answer questions, etc.

Ministry TXT – Similar to SimplyTXT, Ministry TXT is a web-based text messaging service. Users add themselves with their cell phone number and you can send a mass text to all people on your list. This is great if you separate students, volunteers, and parents.

Remind101 – This free service allows you to text information to different groups of people, divided into classes. Intended for teachers, this app gives you the ability to text without the fear of replies-to-all! Create classes for parents, volunteers, students, etc. and text away!

There are also some excellent programs and resources out there for churches and youth ministers.

Youth Ministry Institute – YMI is a fantastic resource for churches looking to have educated, passionate, and supported youth ministers. Youth ministers are paired with a mentor, receive theological education, and churches has unlimited support. This is a process for the church and youth minister to experience together.

Center for Youth Ministry Training – Like YMI, CYMT is another way to increase the quality of youth ministers. CYMT takes a person passionate about youth ministry, pairs them with a church, educates them, and equips them for ministry. At the end of their 3 year term, they will receive their Masters degree and will have all the tools they need to be in vital youth ministry.

Youth Ministry Architects – YMA is a fantastic group of consultants who exist to help churches build sustainable youth ministries. Churches and youth ministers receive support for their unique situation.

Small Church Youth Ministry – Stephanie Caro is an incredible speaker and leader in the realm of small church youth ministry. This is a fantastic website resource for those working in small(er) churches.

What are your favorite resources? What types of resources do you need?