Leadership Institute Day 2

Thursday morning came early and we were back at COR for a General Session at 8am. This was my first experience in the Sanctuary and I was overwhelmed. We had rockin’ worship and inspiring words from Adam Hamilton. The session was beautiful and Adam Hamilton brought down the house with the reminder that it is our job to get out of the way to allow God to move. Following this session, I was back with the youth ministers in a class about MAC Track, a student leadership model used at the student ministry of COR. MAC stands for Ministry as a Career.

Ministry As a Career Track, or MAC Track, is a program
designed to provide avenues for students who have expressedan interest or possible calling to explore vocational ministry,both ordained and lay ministry, as a career option.

I’m excited to begin to implement some of their principles with our student leaders.

After this session, we had a quick lunch with Perkins School of Theology alumni and it was back to a general session with Adam Hamilton. In this session, Adam Hamilton shared some very interesting ministry that COR is doing for the community. He explained how they are living out their mission to reach non and nominally religious people in the Kansas City area. Everything they do passes through the lens of their purpose: To build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. 

Following this session, we were sent back into workshops. I took another youth ministry class and was given everything that the student ministry at COR does from first time visit through service in leadership.

  • It takes 4 years for a ministry to look like you want it to. Give it time!
  • Without volunteer development you are not leading a ministry. You are leading a program built to expose and even celebrate your own limitations!
  • Presume everyone is new each week when you present the message. Introduce yourself, share hospitality, and make everyone feel welcome.
  • Three days before school starts a booklet with deadlines, information, registration, and information goes out to every student who has ever signed in, every address, etc.
  • Make business cards for big events and pass them out to students. Have them pass out business cards to their friends, invite others, etc.
  • Follow-up is CRITICAL! Call parents of new students, mail things home, remember names, and make personal phone calls.

On Thursday evening we went to dinner, checked out a gourmet cupcake place, and were back at COR by 7pm for worship. We experienced incredibly beautiful worship. Full orchestra, choir, children’s choir, stellar preaching, and warm hospitality. It was beautiful to worship together in such a unique style.