Hendrix College United Methodist Experience Day

Hendrix College is a United Methodist University in Conway, Arkansas. On November 5th, Hendrix is hosting a special event for United Methodists. For more information, please contact Hendrix College.

Reasons for selecting Hendrix College:

  • ½ tuition discount for students who are a certified candidate for ordination in the United MethodistChurch.
  • ½ tuition discount for students who have a parent who is an ordained clergy person in the United Methodist church anywhere in the United States
  • UMYF Leadership Scholarship between $2,000 and $3,500 a year.  For more information on this scholarship, check out this web page.
  • Affordable mission trips.  Normally 10% of the actual cost.  For example, this year students will pay $100 for either the Chicago or Philadelphia trip, $300 for the Bahamas trip, or $550 for the India trip
  • Weekly group meeting with students who are thinking about ministry (between 10-15 students)
  • Reimbursed up to $500 per semester to visit a seminary
  • Funding for church and non-profit internships
  • Up to $4,000 for a summer service fellowship
  • Two full-time United Methodist Ordained ministers

Reasons for selecting a United Methodist College or University:

  • An institution that understands and embraces the UnitedMethodistChurch
  • More financial aid from the GeneralChurch for United Methodist students
  • Many UM colleges have additional grants for United Methodist students
  • United Methodist clergy who serve as full-time chaplains
  • Courses in United Methodist History
  • Mission trips with United Methodist churches and agencies