Youth Worker Gatherings are starting back up!

Youth Worker Gatherings will begin again in a few short days! School is back in session and hopefully that will provide us more time to get together! There are already lunches and gatherings scheduled for September in Graham, Salado, Waxahachie, Waco, and Fort Worth! Check the list here to see when there’s one near you! If you’re not able to attend a youth worker gathering or there’s not one near you, please fill out this form so that we can schedule one near you! (You can always e-mail or call Leanne to schedule one near you as well!)

Kylie Campbell is the new youth minister at Austin Avenue UMC in Waco. She recently shared why youth worker gatherings are so important.

I absolutely love being a youth worker. I love having a variety of hours. I love that I get to meet with students, volunteers, parents, staff, and a variety of other people at a coffee shop and call it work. I love that I get to talk about Jesus, wander through Christian bookstores, and just experience life with others and it’s my job. However, it’s not always easy. During my first two years of youth ministry, I won’t say that I wanted to throw in the towel (I’m way too stubborn for that) but I will say that I struggled. Who in the world was I supposed to talk to about dilemmas with while my entire support base was involved in the ministry I was ‘in charge’ of? The simple truth: other youth workers. When I was invited to a monthly youth worker gathering, I was a tad nervous. However, I fought the nerves and drove two hours to meet with others from around the area. Within minutes into our gathering I found a family of people who need support, love their youth, have the best intention to help their church succeed, yet they needed something more – just like me.

Youth worker gatherings, in my opinion, are essential to our spiritual well being and our sanity. When I went to our gathering, I knew that I could sit and worship – without all eyes on me. I knew that I could ask questions and get honest and caring answers. It was a place where we could share our fears, our tears, joys, and wins. Our goal? To further the Kingdom by helping one another.

When’s the next Central Texas Youth Gathering? I’ll be there. I hope you will too. Why try to do the work alone when you could have a group of loving, supportive believers to help you muddle through this blessing called Youth Ministry?

I hope that you will consider attending a youth worker gathering near you. We’re going to try a few new things this year – having youth worker gatherings at churches and restaurants, coffee houses and diners. We will be worshipping, laughing, sharing, and supporting each other. Have a suggestion on getting youth workers together? Comment here or e-mail Leanne.