Capturing Young Adults: High School Graduation

High school graduation is a perfection opportunity to capture young adults as they navigate from high school to the real world. For some this transition occurs as they begin college. For others, they graduate to begin working more. Some move away from home, living with roommates, or live alone for the first time. For all, high school graduation signifies the start of navigating the rough waters of adulthood. This week a question arose on our facebook page asking what other youth workers give to graduating seniors as a gift from the church.

  • Wesley Study Bible
  • Blanket with church logo
  • Key chain
  • Devotional Book
  • Crazy Love
How does your church respond to graduating seniors?
As young people graduate from high school they feel pressure from their parents, leaders, and society to be something, to have a clear understanding, and to move swiftly in one direction.

I’m more than a decade away from my high school graduation and I still have no idea what I’m doing!

High school graduates need a place to discuss their fears, wrestle with their anxieties, and food. Always food! Church often doesn’t know quite what to do with young people once they have graduated from high school. That time is crucial in capturing them and helping them maintain their relationship with the church. Simply having a place for students as soon as they graduate from high school is crucial. Meet at a restaurant, have weekly pizza gatherings in someone’s home, or buy these young people coffee to talk about life.

Many churches have graduates maintain their youth status for the summer following graduation, but once they are gone don’t quite know how to categorize them. Churches can become paralyzed just trying to appropriately categorize folks! Simply providing a place for young people, especially those recently out of high school, is crucial. This could be a Sunday School class, Bible Study, small group, dinner group, coffee gathering, or book club. Being flexible and asking young people what they need is a great way to form a consistent gathering.

What does your church do for folks in the 18-22 year range? How do you meet the needs of these young people?

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