Capturing Young Adults

It is no secret that the United Methodist church is not highly successful across the board in reaching young adults. Many others far more eloquent than I have written about this problem with various solutions. After a wonderful brainstorming lunch with a delightful minister, I have decided to open for discussion how churches are meeting the needs of young adults.

How are we capturing their attention, capturing their spirit, and capturing their excitement by showing them the love and grace of Jesus Christ?

In order to be clear, let’s define the start of young adulthood at high school graduation. Between high school graduation and the point where young adulthood bleeds into adulthood (which is a much more grey area!) there are numerous life-events.

  • graduations
  • engagement
  • marriage
  • births
  • moves
  • deaths
  • promotions, new jobs, and career transitions

Of these life events, the church has an incredible opportunity to capture the attention of young people. The church has the opportunity to leave the building and be the church in someone’s life.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing posts about these opportunities. I’d like to invite you to share what your church does to reach out to young adults. Beyond just “young adult ministry” what is your church doing to reach out to young people and their families with the love and grace of Jesus Christ?

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