Insights on Generation Y from Bishop Lowry

Hopefully you already follow Bishop Lowry’s blog, but if you don’t, he said something very interesting about Generation Y in his recent post.

In the midst of a general conference year, I am very pleased to read the words from our Bishop:

Among many insights is the repeated importance of going where young people are and engaging them on their turf.  To use the language of my age, this is a far cry from invitational evangelism.  It is an emphatic call to risk-taking evangelism through open engagement.

Young Adult Ministry is crucial for the survival of our church. Young adults bring vitality, energy and a new way of doing ministry. However, they are not being reached by the if-you-build-it-they-will-come model. Having a new coffee bar, “edgy” worship, or even spirit-filled worship will not in itself bring young adults off the street to your church. It takes engaging people “on their turf”, building relationships, and sharing the love and grace of Christ outside our church walls to evangelize Generation Y.

How is your church effectively reaching out beyond church walls to share Christ?

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