Curriculum and other struggles

One major question I get fairly regularly is about curriculum. I am always reviewing and seeking out good curriculum. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, it is difficult to find curriculum that is current with good theology.

Here are some of the best curriculum sources I’ve heard of recently and links to where you can find them!

  • Highland Park UMC Curriculum – Resources available here including an incredible accountability report.
  • NOOMA Videos – Pop in a video and spend time in discussion about it’s meaning. Need to borrow a copy? Contact Leanne!
  • Anything by Adam Hamilton – His adult curriculum would be appropriate for a senior high group.
  • LinC – A digital lesson e-mailed to you weekly. It’s current, Methodist, and has enough material for at least 2 lessons.
  • Social Principles – Use the social principles (quick before it changes!) to encourage discussion and thoughts about social issues.

If you have more to add, please feel free to comment!

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