Spotlight on: CCYM

I’d like to start a new tradition around here. I’ll be sharing more about a specific ministry. I’d like to feature ministry happening in our local churches. Each month I’ll share a story about what is happening in our churches. I’d like to visit your church and see first hand the radical ministry happening across the conference. If you are part of a ministry transforming your community, please contact me at: or 817-877-5222.

This month we are highlighting CCYM and what it means to the students that serve.

The summer before my sophomore year of high school I became a part of the CTC Student Leadership Team. By being elected to be a part of this team of youth leaders in our conference I was able to plan events like the Midwinters the conference puts on every year in February at Glen Lake Church Camp. It was during Midwinter last year that I finally heard God calling me into youth ministry and since then my life has been insanely different. I cannot put into words how much the SLT has changed my life not just faith-based, but in every way possible. I’ve made so many new friends and thanks to the connectionality of the United Methodist Church we’ve all managed to remain extremely close to each other and to help one another when we’re struggling.

            Last year after Annual Conference and the beginnings of the Exodus Project that we’ve undertaken here in the CTC, SLT was dissolved. From there a small group of us met to plan this year’s Midwinter which was just another blessing by God. Now as Annual Conference approaches again this year we’ve begun to rebuild the youth leadership program in our conference and this team has been reborn as the Conference Council on Youth Ministry (CCYM) which is the official term for the committee given in the Book of Discipline. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this undertaking and how happy I am for the youth of the CTC.

            We are currently taking applications for CCYM and if you know of any youth or adults in the conference that would be interested have them check out more information here. There are currently four committees that are apart of CCYM that they can be apart of: Administration & Organization, Worship, Missions, and Service/Hospitality.

            I again cannot tell you how excited the leaders of CCYM and I are about this undertaking and we look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future.

Kevin Gregory, CCYM President