Biggest Struggles

There’s no doubt that ministry is challenging. What are some of your biggest struggles in ministry? If someone had a magic wand, what would they fix in your ministry setting? Comment anonymously if you don’t wish to reveal your identity!

These responses will be used to craft training or provide support for youth and young adult ministries in the conference!

2 thoughts on “Biggest Struggles

  1. Parental Engagement
    By this, I mean, each parent is charged with the task of being their child or children’s first “Youth Minister”. I say that with a certain level of conviction for myself. I’m seeing, far too often, that the gap of understanding/growth from where our kids ought to be (or could be) in the faith in relation to where they are is so wide it can be hard to find ground zero and branch out from there.

    Coincidentally, with increased parental engagement, with respect to spiritual development, I’m certain we’d see a change in our young adults as well.

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