Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry is fluid and looks different in each church context. There are many factors that determine what a young adult ministry looks like:

What is your target demographic? – Are you looking at targeting single adults? Married families? Both? College students, people in transition, or all of the above. Whatever your target demographic, you want to be sure that you are focusing on a group of people that actually exists within your community.

What are the needs of your community? – Do young families need childcare, support, and fellowship? Are the young people in your area being challenged or do they need a bible study, discipleship, and mission opportunity?

What are the gifts and skills of those willing to lead? – Young adult ministry doesn’t need a dedicated leader like a youth or children’s ministry might, but the group does need a facilitator or group that can get things and keep things moving.

Curriculum, events, schedule, recruitment and fellowship are all factors that will need to be addressed once a group is beginning to establish themselves.

In order to bring together those in our conference who are actively doing young adult ministry and help them begin to be resources for each other, I’ve set up a Google Group to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss young adult ministry. It is my hope that this message board will be a place of encouragement and collaboration. This group is a message board where you can post a topic, respond to others, and share your ideas.

If you are passionate about young adult ministry, check out this group and begin sharing your thoughts!

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