Great Day of Service

Mark your calendars and get ready for the Great Day of Service! April 14th, 2012 we will live out our faith by taking on hands-on projects in communities in the Central Texas Conference. The Great Day of Service is a one-day mission experience for the whole family and is open to all people of all skills. The Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church will be hosting the event with each District coordinating their own host churches, worksites, and details. The vision for the Great Day of Service is to provide an opportunity to serve in local communities and experiencing worship as a community. Identifying needs within a community will hopefully help build long-term bonds between churches and families or organizations in their area in need of assistance.

While April still feels very far off, there is a lot of planning and organizing that needs to happen between now and then to make the Great Day of Service a success.

If you are a church that wants to get involved, consider being a host site for your district.

What does a host church do?
Worship and training – Some of the basic needs will be to provide a place for the worksite training on the morning of April 14th. This is where teams will meet before they are sent to their worksites. At the end of the day, the host church will have all participants come back to their site for worship. The church can either provide worship (resources will be available) or they can coordinate with another church willing to provide worship at their location. Worship can include hymns, a band, homily or sermon, communion, and other liturgy.
Food – Coffee, breakfast, donuts, and sack lunches can be provided, but that is not a requirement. A church may also choose to provide snacks at the end of the day.
Worksites – The host church will be involved in recommending worksites to the district. Worksites can be anything from construction and painting to serving and sorting.
Publicity – A host church can help with publicity and getting the word out to their congregation and community that the Great Day of Service is coming.
Coordination with the District – The host church(es) for a district will work together to provide a great experience for all participants. The conference and the district will provide resources for host churches including a worship outline, schedule, and publicity resources.

Of course there are many other opportunities for churches and groups to get involved. If your church or group would like to help provide worship, food, worksites, or other supplies, that’s wonderful and welcomed as well! Watch for registration forms available in January for worksites to sign up and for individuals and groups to sign up to participate.

Contact Information
Central Texas Conference Service Center – 817-877-5222
Rev. Kyland Dobbins, Missions Experience Coordinator – ext. 25
Rev. Dawne Phillips, Director of Missions – ext. 11
Leanne Johnston, Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries – ext. 19