Fundraiser ideas

One question that I hear most often is questions about fundraisers. Youth ministries fundraise for a variety of things – to supplement the budget, for a specific event like mission trip, or to help pay for a specific need. Of course there is no magic fundraiser that is easy, successful, and works in every context. I am sure that there are lots of great ideas out there and I’d love to hear about them!

Please leave a comment with your best fundraising idea. Check back to get some ideas from others!

3 thoughts on “Fundraiser ideas

  1. I have done the wall of money that Dave suggests. We put the small amounts back up because people were more willing to give small amounts rather than large amount.

    One we just signed our church up for is Kroger’s neighbor to neighbor program. It doesn’t cost anything and is very simple. All you have to do is fill out their form, get a letter from your senior pastor, and mail in a copy of your 501C3. Two weeks later they will have you in the system. Print out the letter with your organizations barcode and link that to your kroger card. When you make purchases at kroger, a portion of the qualified sales will then be given to your organization. We are going to use these funds to help with our youth mission trip.


  2. We did a casserole sale during the holidays. People really liked not having to cook for change. We had volunteers bring a casserole to the church and took donations (usually around $20-30) for them. I wish we had more casseroles at the last sale. I couldn’t keep them on the table. It really helped people to get involved as well. Anyone who cooks, buys and even the youth who worked the table were all involved in the fund raising.

    Jason Westbrook

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