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A struggle I have heard recently from youth workers in our conference is getting youth to attend worship. Youth are attending Sunday School but leaving before worship begins. I’ve heard several reasons for this – families only attending church for one house and students go to Sunday school while parents go to church before going home, lunch down the street is more appealing than church, Traditional worship is the only option and students find this “boring”, or the church service isn’t appealing to students for other various reasons.

Whatever the reason, students are not attending worship in many of our churches. While it’s important for students to be in worship, supplementing with a youth-only serve on Sunday or Wednesday evenings doesn’t solve the problem of not having youth in worship. The point is not to provide youth another opportunity to sing songs and hear a sermon.

But if that’s not the point, what is?

Youth need to be integrated into the life of the church. Seeing faith modeled by other generations is crucial for youth faith development. Likewise, in order for the church to be relevant worship needs to be accessible for all generations – otherwise we don’t have a very sustainable model.

Why is it important for youth to be in worship with the whole church? How do you address their desire to be anywhere but in worship?

2 thoughts on “Students in Worship

  1. Our Youth ARE our Praise music during worship. We have a youth praise band that begins the service with uplifting praise music in our blended service. Our youth also sign up for rotation to serve giving the Children’s sermon during worship and to lead our Nursery Ministry and help teach Children’s Church that takes the kids back for class about half way through the service. The youth have claimed ownership of being leaders in worship. They know the importance of being role models for our youngest disciples and to show love and compassion to our senior citizens who love their morning hugs given by the teens.
    So when new teens come to Sunday School and want their friends to “ditch” worship, our youth speak up and tell them it is important to them to be there and why. I am really proud of our youth.

  2. Laurie – this is excellent and exactly what I was hoping to hear. It’s wonderful that your church has a service where students feel comfortable and a designated place for them to serve. Thanks for the ideas on how to get other students involved! Way to go!

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