10-fold.org – Day 7 – With* Kamina

We are a very privileged people. We have clean water, warm houses, access to healthcare, and education. Let’s give those things to everyone! Click over today and register your support of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Day 7: With* Kamina

October 16th, 2011

Working with the community of Kamina in the DRC to bring about sustainable and exciting changes.

The With* Kamina program in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a great example of using integrated mission work for sustainable results. This approach can be modeled across the African continent by strategically linking UMCOR programs of health, agriculture and nutrition, and water and sanitation, with NGO (nongovernmental organization) programs.

Thirty community volunteers/workers were identified through the Kamina Health Center community volunteer initiative. They were organized and trained by a core team, composed of an agronomist and a project manager, to implement water and sanitation programs, as well as basic hygiene programs over a three-year period.

The overall integration program is expected to include increased access to health services, improved agricultural techniques and ways to get products to market, as well as improved water and sanitation systems.