10-fold.org – Day 6 – Developing Community Leaders

We’re all about raising up incredible leaders and this mission supports just that. Click over today to help fund scholarships for leaders around the world!

Day 6: Developing Community Leaders

October 15th, 2011

Scholarships that respond to the needs of individuals and communities at the grassroots level.

The Global Ministries scholarship program facilitates the educational preparation and training of mission partners from around the world, whose subsequent work will have the most direct and positive impact on their communities. The program supports studies around our four priorities: elimination of poverty, global health, leadership development, and congregational development.

We work directly with our partners across the globe to identify constituents (especially lifting up women, young people, and the most marginalized) who have the potential to develop their skills according to our priorities, and in direct accord with the priorities of their own contexts.

The most important part of our work really begins when the students complete their studies. We see the scholarship program as a long-term connection in mission.