Curriculum Swap and Reviews

In my new position people are constantly asking for curriculum recommendations. This means I’m almost always looking at books, curriculum, and videos in order to review and make my assessments. Sometimes my opinions are based on personal experience but sometimes I am stuck relying on reviews online. When I was in full-time youth ministry and now when I lead studies at my own church, I tend to write my own curriculum, or at least tweak something else out there to make it suit my own situation. I know I’m not alone. Reinventing the wheel is never the easiest avenue, but it does ensure you will have theologically appropriate and relevant curriculum for your students.

There are so many of you doing the same thing – writing your own curriculum based on books, scripture texts, music videos, and current events. Perhaps you create your own curriculum because your church doesn’t have a budget to accommodate $20 books every 6 weeks. Maybe you’ve reviewed curriculum at the bookstore, online, and in your church library and can’t find anything that fits the theological picture in your church. You know your students best – you know what they are going through and what issues need to be addressed. It’s easy to put something together rather than researching and reviewing something else that may or may not fit your group.

There are many excellent reasons to write your own curriculum, but it is incredibly time consuming. In effort to be a resource to local churches, I want to provide curriculum for you and your churches. As I review curriculum, I will write about it on the blog so that you know that we have a copy you can borrow and if it’s any good for your situation. I’d also like to provide curriculum resources that you’ve written, if you are comfortable sharing.

Have you used curriculum recently and want to share your experiences about it? E-mail Leanne! Have you written curriculum and want to be part of a CTC Youth Ministry swap? E-mail Leanne!