CTCYM Days 2 & 3

Day two was just as incredible as day 1! I had the opportunity to travel with MaDora Ratliff, CTCYM extraordinaire, all around Arlington and down to Mineral Wells! Our first stop was a beautifully shady worksite where a team of young people were fixing the roof on a covered porch. I was able to visit with the homeowner who told me that her son and his family (including two young children!) are moving in soon from Lubbock and will need space to run and play. She was overjoyed to have the help clearing out the backyard and making the back porch usable again. She expressed incredible thanks and wasn’t phased at all that there were 5 junior high students on her roof. The students were grateful to do the work and barely took a break from their work.

A next stop was at a home where young people were putting a ramp on the front and back of the house in order to provide some mobility for a mom in a wheelchair. Her 7 year old son was out all week helping the students and providing much needed energy. I was able to witness this mom’s first trip out to her backyard via a new back ramp. With tears in her eyes, she thanked the students for transforming her life. The students, understanding the beautiful circumstances going on wouldn’t take any credit – “It’s a privilege.”

After escaping from the heat momentarily, MaDora and I continued our tour visiting a few other local worksites before making the long trek down to Mineral Wells.

Sadly once we got to Mineral Wells, we were unable to locate more than a couple of worksites. We know that the rest of the students and adults were working hard and transforming lives.

Our day was done after we drove home from Mineral Wells. We rested up for Day 3!

On Day 3 of CTCYM, MaDora and I visited some of the closest living centers…to my house! We saved the easiest drive for last and visited Waxahachie and Ovilla on Wednesday.

Each day was very hot and I was incredibly impressed with the students and adults because they continued to work hard and push through even in the 100+ degree temperatures. It was hot enough for me just standing and chatting with them! In Waxahachie we visited a great worksite at a local United Way site. Students were pouring concrete.

The kids barely took a break to say hello – they were dedicated to the task at hand!

This team was obviously fending off little bugs! They were building a fence, but had a few set-backs due to the previous fence posts set DEEP in concrete! They persevered and even got to work with the homeowners children. It is incredible to see students from all over Texas working side-by-side.

In Ovilla we were able to visit with a few teams and see their wacky side! Worksites are definitely for work, but they are also for lots of fun!

There’s nothing like students relaxing and having a good time after a long few days of very hard work – they built that deck and ramp in 2.5 days!!
Of course we also caught some youth and adults working in Ovilla as well!  This crew was painting the trim on a house. It was hot and there wasn’t any shade at all, but they pressed on!
Lunch time! We hit this group right as they were breaking for lunch and devotional. They definitely deserved the break – they were busy all week building a dog-run, painting and drywalling, and doing external repairs.
It was a spectacular week  at all 5 living centers around Texas. Lives and communities were changed because several hundred junior high students and adults gave a week of their time in service to others. A HUGE thank you to all of the adults who made it possible!