Mid-Winter Retreat Planning Committee

All Student Leadership Teams will be dissolved as of August 1st. We are in the process of determining the next phase of student leadership for the Central Texas Conference.

As we vision, plan, and dream about the future, there are some practical items that need to be addressed and the most pressing is: Mid-Winter Retreats! Mid-Winter Retreats have been scheduled for February 18-19, 2012 andFebruary 25-26, 2012 at Glen Lake Camp.

We are putting together two Mid-Winter Retreat Planning Committees – one for the first weekend and one for the second. Each team will be in charge of planning every element of that retreat. All leaders in the Central Texas Conference (official or unofficial, elected or not) are invited to participate in this committee.

ADULTS – We need your help! If you’ve helped lead Mid-Winter Retreats in the past or if you haven’t, I’m looking for several adults to help oversee these committees and provide leadership. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with your weekend preference. I’d love to hear your ideas!

In order to serve on one of these committees, please respond to the following questions and respond to me via e-mail by August 1, 2011.

1) Name, e-mail address and phone number:

2) Where do you attend church?

3) Why do you want to serve on the Mid-Winter Retreat Planning Committee?

4) What unique or special skills do have that would help enhance Mid-Winter?

5) Which Mid-Winter Retreat would you like to help lead? (February 18-19 or February 25-26)

Please list any additional youth or adults that you think would be great additions to a leadership team or committee. The teams will be forming and meeting shortly. The responsibilities of a team member include but are not limited to: meeting attendance, a desire to grow spiritually, and active participation during your Mid-Winter Retreat. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. I am excited about serving in ministry with you!

Leanne Johnston
Specialist: Youth & Young Adults
Central TX Conference of the United Methodist Church
464 Bailey Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76107
817-877-5222 ext. 19
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