40 Days of Prayer for Youth

Day 38, June 4.

Holy God,

We give you thanks for the new generations.  For those who lead, for those who follow, all who love and serve you.  We lift them up to your hands and ask that you hold them close to you. We pray for guidance and perseverance for them as they seek you. We pray for their lives and for those they meet daily: make your presence known and your love obvious among them.  We pray for their decisions and their challenges: send your Spirit to guide them on level paths and carry them through whatever they meet on their journey.  We pray for their service: may they continue to learn and experience how to love you more, by loving one another, by serving and practicing justice, kindness, mercy, and hospitality, and by knowing firsthand your gracious love.  We pray for opportunities to care for, love, teach, and serve the youth in our churches and communities. We also pray for opportunities to be cared for, loved by, learn from and serve with these same youth. Teach us as you teach them, show us how to encourage and bless one another. Lord, enable them and us to be your good news to those in need in your world. Teach us to share and to accept, to give of ourselves, and to receive the gifts of others. We pray these things with the confidence of children of God, knowing that you hear and respond to our heart’s yearnings.

In Christ’s name, Amen.