40 Days of Prayer for Youth

Day 33, May 30.

We pray for ourselves, that we may feel more closely connected to God by following the teachings and practices of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We pray for our families, that we come to understand the successes and failings of relationships in the relentless cycle of day in and day out living together. We pray for a love that goes beyond fun and games – a love that triumphs and falls short in sometimes spectacular ways.
We pray for our friends that we connect with in unique and different ways than family, that we may uplift each other, that we may learn about life together, that we may explore together, and that we support each other.
We pray for our faith communities for the experiences of believing and doubting together, that we may collectively find strength, answers, questions and opportunities.
We pray for the world that we are in and around, that we may understand each other and delight in the differences and the similarities that God has blessed us with.
We are undoubtedly challenged and nurtured by so many people and places and situations around us.
We thank you, God for all these.