40 Days of Prayer for Youth

Day 27, May 24.

Dear Father,

Today I pray for guidance in the youth of our church. In the midst of school and activities, give them perseverance as they endure hardships and give them strength throughout the valleys. Keep them strong in faith. Aid them, guide them, and love them so that they may not falter. Give them the courage to stand up for what they believe in the midst of the temptations of the prevalent worldly desires and sins. But Father, most of all, I ask that you give them the guidance to decipher right from wrong, love so that they may learn to love their neighbors as their selves, and hearts of compassion to wash the feet of those that surround them.

Father God, You know the trials of this world. Please send the youth of the church hope and faith so that they may cling to Your glorious name and love throughout the stressful and hectic days. Give them the joy they need to finish the race. Thank you.

In Your name we pray.