40 Days of Prayer for Youth

Day 26, May 23.

God of Peace,

In a burning bush you spoke to Moses, through the whirlwind you spoke to Job and through a man named Jesus you spoke to the world.  God, you constantly seek ways in which to share your desire of reconciliation and peace and it is my prayer that I might be an instrument of your desire.  Too often I try to hold onto your Grace and Love as though it were air in which only I could breathe.  While I try in vain to breathe in all of this air that I can, I am reminded by the gentle breeze upon my face that your Grace and Love exclusively mine.  You give Life and Breath to all of creation, and so as I breathe out the very breath of life, may I recognize that you call me to breathe out of your Grace, Love and Reconciliation onto the world.  So, Holy God, do not allow me to suffocate.  Do not allow me to hold these blessings in my lungs.  Do not allow me to forget to breathe out Grace, Peace and Love.  For it is what you have called me to be; it is what you have created me to do – breathe.

For the times when I am without words, either lost and confused or inspired and delighted, I may forget to speak a prayer of Thanksgiving, but I will never forget to inhale your Grace and exhale your love.  Guide me in the ways you would have me go.  By the power of Christ, with the courage of the Holy Spirit and with the community of Saints I give thanks that I can join in the unifying prayer of breathing.