New Year, New Things to Learn

When I got back from vacation, I had 3 new continuing education opportunities on my desk. I’m passing along the info so you can take advantage of them.

First, is Perkins School of Youth Ministry. It starts on Monday(Jan 11), at FUMC Richardson just north of Dallas, and is a fantastic opportunity to take specialized classes on what you need to know about youth ministry, network with other youth ministers, and hear from dynamic speakers such as Mark DeVries and Elaine Heath. You can register at the door and even drive in/out everyday. Or you can get a really sweet room at the Doubletree Centre. See you there!

Second is the Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry. It is April 26-28 at Princeton Seminary in New Jersey. The topic this Spring is Hope and featured speakers are Shane Claiborne and Kenda Creasy Dean.  Spend a few days in beautiful New Jersey exploring hope, engaging scripture, refreshing your spirit, sharpening your skills for youth ministry.

Third is for you and your youth. Texas Youth Academy for Christian Formation is for juniors and seniors who desire to explore their faith and their future.  50 spots are available. It is a two-week academy with lectures from local seminary professors, worship education and planning, small group mentoring opportunities and mission outreach.  It takes place July 5-17, 2010 at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.  TYA also needs mentors to share and stretch these youth throughout the two weeks.  Mentors need to love youth and commit to growing with them.  More info at
Application deadlines for youth are March 5. If you are interested in being a mentor, contact Joy

There will also be youth ministry sessions at District Trainings this year. Contact your pastor or DS to find out when yours is. (Most are this month!)