November FAYM

This month we talked about Narcissism and how social networking feeds this.  In many conversations, it was pointed out that all youth, from any period in time are narcissistic. In that case, the issue becomes that very little is considered “private” anymore.  Anything can be put as facebook status, or tweeted about.  And pictures that would/should be considered private are posted for anyone to see.  We also saw a need for more encouragement to have personal conversations and handle conflict in person rather than electronically.   Most youthworkers saw that the benefits and advantages of facebook and twitter outweighed the negative.  It is a useful tool to know what your youth are going through and to virtually “be there” for them when they need it.  Everyone agreed that MySpace was not used anymore, and we ruminated on what the “next great thing” would be.

How are you using social networking in your group?  Is it helpful?

One thought on “November FAYM

  1. Interesting and I am sorry that I missed it.

    Right away this stood out to me:
    “Everyone agreed that MySpace was not used anymore”

    I am sure this topic was addressed but in case it was not, I would point “everyone” to the growing numbers and reports on the ‘social divide’ between facebook and Myspace. Here is a link to an NPR report on the topic:

    Bottom line is could it be that we don’t see people using Myspace because we are in a socio-economic level in which Facebook is dominate but Myspace is dominate in other socio-economic level. What ministry opportunities are we missing if we do not address this divide?

    Additionally I would be very much interested not so much in how online social networks are used (as was noted, there will always be a next thing to overtake), but how are we using non-virtual social networks to do ministry?

    For instance, the book “Connected: The Surprising Power of Social Networks” argues for 6 degrees of separation and 3 degrees of influence. That is we are separated from just about everyone in the world by 6 degrees (popularized by the Kevin Bacon game) but we also are influenced and influence up to 3 degrees away. So all this to say, that each day each one of us has the potential to influence 1/2 the world. That is amazingly powerful and only amplified with the tool of online social networks. How are we helping to influence the world for the Kingdom of Christ in our social networks? How can we use the power of social networks themselves to create the Culture of Christ?

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