October FAYM Topic

In October, we are going to be discussing how and if our youth participate in corporate worship. Do they all sit together? Do you have to lock the youth room to get them to go? Are they reading Scripture or ushering? Do they only appear on Youth Sunday?

One thought on “October FAYM Topic

  1. Yes, our youth particpate in corporate worship, conversation groups, service teams, and “agent” action in the community. All of our activities are intergenerational at this point. They don’t always sit together in worship. We don’t have any rooms since we are a new church start, so I don’t have to worry about locking any rooms. They have read Scripture, poems, and on Easter Sunday, they read half of the sermon for me. They come early to help set up for worship, amuse our worship leader’s children before the childcare workers arrive, greet our guests, offer nametags, hand out bulletins, sell fundraising calendars, collect the offering, text comments when asked during the gathering, tear down after worship, etc. They also help with Kids Night Out, bingo at the nursing home, serve dinner at the mission to residents and homeless persons, hand out balloons at festivals, make hot dogs and popcorn at picnics in the park, hand out prizes at neighborhood fun fests, etc. We haven’t had a Youth Sunday yet because our small group of youth appear weekly at an activities center near you. They help make important decisions and share their faith deeply. Their opinions are valued. They question and wrestle with their faith just like we all do. They are very active in all areas of church life.

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